Paving the Future with 1:1 Devices


Putting a smart device into the hands of each individual student in a classroom, can enhance each and every student’s educational experience in numerous ways. In the world we live in, technology is sure to impact each student’s life, but students will not know how to use technology to engage their minds and take their learning to a higher level, unless we use it and teach with it that way in the classroom. I have put the iPads, I have access to right now, to work towards creating such an environment in my classroom and would like to have a 1:1 classroom in order to fully optimize each student’s learning experience.

Having iPads for each student in the classroom can completely change the educational experience for everyone involved, for example: I have created a website to put instructional videos and resources for my students to use, in our classroom, as well as at home. This is designed to allow students the ability to learn methods and concepts without sitting through a formal lesson. This tool can work hand-in-hand with the large variety of apps that can be used across curriculum, such as Educreations and Neu Annotate, to not only personalize and enhance their learning, but also serve as a support system, to further their own education.

Through experience, I have learned that iPads can easily engage a student in their learning tasks. They help lessons come to life. Within a presentation app, there can be video clips, links to websites that contain more information on a topic, slideshows, and the opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge by drawing or matching. Using QR codes, a student can dive deeper into a topic and get lost in a world of learning. The possibilities are just barely beginning to be touched on.

One benefit of having a classroom set of iPads, will be to challenge the students on their individual level, push each of them to new personal limits, and see how they can soar with their new technological abilities. By changing students habits and breaking them free of normal routine work, they can be allowed to see learning in a new dimension as well as learn how to use the technology that is a part of their daily lives, in a way that furthers their education. It is important for the teacher to grow with technology too, so that the students can experience the benefits of technology in an educational way and learn to use technology for more than just entertainment.

There are a multitude of perks to having iPads in the hands of each student. The instant feedback to the student, as well as the teacher, that is available in many apps. The way students can move, manipulate, and truly show what they have learned, along with the other benefits I have discussed, are all enhancements to traditional classroom methods. By having a 1:1 classroom, I will elevate student learning through technology. The future is now.

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