Shark Tank


Every day my students are using iPads in language arts, math, science, or in financial literacy instruction. Even though the iPad is great, it can be transformed into a personal computer by downloading the iWork (Pages, Keynote, and Numbers) and iMovie apps. These apps are Apples version of Microsoft Office. My grant proposal is for eight new iPads and money to buy iWork and iMovie on each iPad. With these apps, our iPads could could be used to prepare for presentations, analyze data, type up reports and many other things. To demonstrate how useful these apps could be in a class, I came up with an activity called Shark Tank.
The Shark Tank activity is based on the popular tv show Shark Tank, where business owners pitch their business idea to sharks (very rich people). The purpose of this activity was to engage students in a collaborative setting and use technology to create a business. During my financial literacy rotation, students got into groups of four and came up with their business. They had to write and type a business plan, make a radio and video commercial using the iPads, create two flyers to advertise their business (Microsoft Word), make a presentation (PowerPoint), and present their presentation to sharks.
This year I was able to succesfully implement this activity. The students loved working in groups and learned a lot about how a business runs and how technology is used in the real world. They were engaged and excited every time they came to class. However, we ran into a lot of challenges booking times in the computer lab. With the implementation of SAGE testing, teachers are spending more time in the computer labs. We only had enough iPads for each group to have one and the iPads were not equipped with word processing apps. When we have more iPads and they are all equipped with iWork and iMovie, we would not have to go to the computer lab to implement this activity. Each group could have two iPads and they can work on multiple things at once. I could use iWork and iMovie for more than just this activity. It can be used for multiple activities in multiple subject areas. With your help I can get more iPads in my classroom and transform them into a personal computer.

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