Instead of assigning power points for an assignment, why not allow students to become more engaged in learning process and make their own documentaries? Using primary sources, students research their subject and find primary source photos from the internet to download. As they research their topic, students will then create a script from the information they find to narrate their documentary in a narrative box within the photo story. Students can change transitions on their slides, choose special effects on the photo, narrate their documentary and create music from the computer to go with their story.

Students get to view each student’s documentary in class while they teach us about their particular topic. It is pretty amazing for the students to watch a “Ken Burns” type movie that they created and narrated. No more boring power points. Photo stories could be used for Science Fair projects, oral reports, or anything where there a presentation is involved. They can also download their own digital photos to make presentations.

To do this technology project you must first download the free Microsoft “photo story” software. Good quality headsets with microphones are required for this project both to narrate and listen to their presentation as students are creating it. Not only would my 180+ students per year be using this, but we would have a set of 40 headsets available in the computer lab for all classes to use. I would also like extra headsets to replace those that get broken or worn out. We only have one computer lab that allows us to record in and it is in high demand, so a few laptops would be great to allow students to record on in they were absent or need more time and can’t get in the computer lab. Photo Story is great because it allows students to use their creativity, use their research skills and uses many of the multiple intelligences.

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