Using Vernier Probes to Connect Real World Math


We would like to incorporate STEM activities in our math classrooms. The best way to accomplish this is to have students collect real data by conducting experiments using Venier probes. The data is collected by hooking up sensors and probes to our existing TI-83 Calculators. The data is automatically graphed onto the screen. Students can then use this data to find slope, rate of change, lines of best fit, determine functionality, find distance and interpret graphs. We would like to use the mathematics package offered by Venier probeware and purchase 10 stations. This package includes the temperature sensor, motion sensor, light sensor and pH sensor. These pieces of technology will enhance our students’ understanding of abstract mathematical concepts and allow students to connect math procedures to real world applications.

Temperature Probe: Students collect data on water cooling, ice melting, water heating and describe data collection using statistics, find lines of best fit, explore functions and create equations.

Motion Dectector: Students conduct activities ie. position and time of cars on ramps, height v. time of bouncing ball, apply the distance formula and objects move, and the linear force relation for rubber bands. Graphing experiments allow our students to see how changes in the axis change graphical representations

Light Sensor: Students conduct activities related to distance and intensity and periodic motion.

Gas Pressure Sensor: Students conduct experiments, explore statistical data, and interpret statistics as rates of pressure increases, gasses dissipate, and the inverse relationship between pressure and volume.

Dual Range force sensor: This sensor allows students to explore linear force relationships, volume and weight, the linear relationship between water depth and pressure, and the linear relationship between weight and quantity.

pH Sensor: Students will understand exponential pH change while collecting and interpreting data.

We believe that STEM activities help student become excited about the real world application of mathematics they learn in the classroom.

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