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The Weber County School District has been so generous in providing iPads for our students. The students LOVE the iPads. They have been useful in providing additional support for our struggling learners, they have been engaging tools for small group reading, they are invaluable as tools for research in the classroom, and SO MUCH MORE! Our dilemma is the limited number of iPads and the infrequency at which were have access to them.

My project is a proposal for additional iPads for Majestic Elementary. It would be ideal to have a classroom set of iPads that could be rotated around the school. Every child having access to a iPad would expand the possibilities and uses of the iPads exponentially!

It is amazing how students are naturally drawn toward technology! The projected which is described in the video is a book report I have assigned in previous years without the use of the iPads. I explained to the students this year what we would be dong with the book reports before I assigned the book report homework and I had 100% of the students turn in a book report on time! I have NEVER had 100% of the students turn in their book reports on time ever! And what makes it even more amazing is that I teach in the dual immersion program and have two classes. EVERY student in BOTH classes was prepared with a report. I truly believe this shows the draw that students have to technology. A task that may have been somewhat engaging becomes thoroughly engaging with the use of technology.

Please support our quest for a classroom set of iPads for Majestic Elementary! THANKS!

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