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On a daily basis, my students use IPads, computers, a Smart board, and a document camera with our microphone system to share and enhance their acquired learning by participating in collaborative activities. My class has added a webcam to our learning systems and is now using Skype in the Classroom to connect with professional organizations and other classrooms around the world. As we Skype with others around the world, the students improve their communication skills, build problem solving strategies, share ideas, and learn in a global environment which, in turn, improves their success in the academic world. The ability to speak publicly is an asset that will help students throughout life. Using Skype to video conference connects the classroom to the world without costly fieldtrips or having to find chaperones. “Skyping” opens up all kinds of opportunities for students to become engaged in learning, gain a better understanding of world geography, and move beyond the basics of understanding. Days and even weeks after a Skype session, it is very enlightening to see that students are still talking about what they learned, writing about it in their journals, and discussing it at home with their families. Through Skype in the Classroom, classrooms can connect with authors, take virtual fieldtrips, bring experts from around the world into the classroom, and build a stronger understanding of geography and other cultures.

Knowing that strong communication skills are vital to integrating a student’s ideas with currently learned information and increasing their understanding of the world around them, I would like to help other classrooms at my school acquire the necessary tools to boost students’ presentations of ideas and foster higher communication abilities by purchasing wide-angle webcams and powered USB extension cords. Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas is a strong component of the Common Core and vital to student understanding. With the added webcams, more students will have the opportunity to develop stronger formal language skills by presenting ideas clearly and interacting with others when they share information with people from around the world. Currently, at Marlon Hills, 1 out of 12 classrooms are set up to Skype. Because of the amazing student engagement, other teachers want to use this technology but to be able to they have to switch classrooms with me to experience Skype and benefit from its enrichment. Once they have Skyped from my room, they are begging to switch again. We need this technology in each classroom so that all 361 students can learn in a globally enriched environment. For more information on the resources Skype in the Classroom offers, visit

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