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Hi, my name is tmoon

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Birthday 12-04-1963
Gender female
Relationship Status Married with 3 daughters, son-in-law 1 grandchild
Other details I was born to the best parents whom ever lived. At the age of 6 weeks I had spinal Meninjidus which left me deaf. I graduated from High School served an LDS mission and went on to become a level 2 interpreter. In 1994 I was in a car accident which left me needing an interpreter. As my hearing has gradualy returned I have learn many valuable lessons. I now use 2 hearing aids and an interpreter in noisy situations.
My occupation is I strarted working at the age of 4 on a fish farm. I have worked many differnet places, some being, elementary school (teaching and janitorial), nordstroms, feed store, greenhouse, girls summer camp and a pagent director. I taught Seminary at the Deaf school for 3 years and have just started my 14 year at Roy High School. Last year I started teaching ASL at WSU levels 3 and 4
My School I graduated from Clearfield High School in 1982. I graduated from Weber State in 1989 with an Associates and in 1992 with my BA.

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